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Crisis Management Solutions provides organizations with "high quality" behavioral crisis management (CALM) and deadly crisis management (DCM) certifications at a "more" than competitive price. We pride ourselves on customer service and offer quick and friendly communication to all our clients .

What is C.A.L.M.?:

The CALM Program is a system of de-escalation,instructor prevention, and safety procedures designed for hospital, nursing home, and school staffs.

CALM stands for Crisis Alleviations, Lessons, & Methods.

What is Deadly Crisis Management (DCM)?

DCM is a facility/organizational certification certifying that their staff have all been trained on how to prevent, plan for, and practice for an active shooter or other hostile crisis/event.


Choosing the right certification:


The different levels of C.A.L.M. certification vary based upon the needs of your organization. (CALM, CALM Lite, CALM Protect, or CALM Instructor)


Current News:


Active Shooter Training is up and running. Contact us now for your Deadly Crisis Management Solution.

Updated: Aug 22, 2016

Next Instructor Training:

calenderCertify your staff now by sending instructors to our next C.A.L.M. Instructor Training course or set a training course up at your own facilty.

Individuals wanting to make themselves more marketable are also encouraged to attend. Contact us for further details & more information.

Updated: August 22, 2016




Congratulations to:

Curtis Killbreth

CALM Instructor of the Year!!!



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"The CALM Program emphasizes not only the verbal de-escalation stages of a crisis situation, but also that not every event can be verbally handled."






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