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instructorAs a C.A.L.M. instructor, please make sure all appropriate paperwork is mailed to our main office in order for proper certification of your students.

Updated: August 22, 2016

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Active Shooter Training is up and running. Contact us now for your Deadly Crisis Management Solution.

Updated: Aug 22, 2016

Next Instructor Training:

calenderCertify your staff now by sending instructors to our next C.A.L.M. Instructor Training course or set a training course up at your own facilty.

Individuals wanting to make themselves more marketable are also encouraged to attend. Contact us for further details & more information.

Updated: August 22, 2016


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Ordering your workbooks/manuals has never been easier with our simple online purchasing. You can now order your workbooks and manuals at any time and know that your order is automatically being processed.

Choose from our:

CALM Workbook - for employees acquiring a CALM or CALM Lite certification

CALM Protect Workbook - for employees learning the basic CALM criteria

CALM Instructor Manual - (Current Instructors only) if you have lost or need to replace your manual for some other reason



If your organization or company does not allow the use of payment by paypal just click here or go to our contact page and place your book order there. We will invoice your organization separately. Thanks



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CALM Workbook
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CALM Protect Manual



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CALM Manual






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