instructorAs a C.A.L.M. instructor, please make sure all appropriate paperwork is mailed to our main office in order for proper certification of your students.

Updated: August 22, 2016

Current News:


Active Shooter Training is up and running. Contact us now for your Deadly Crisis Management Solution.

Updated: Aug 22, 2016

Next Instructor Training:

calenderCertify your staff now by sending instructors to our next C.A.L.M. Instructor Training course or set a training course up at your own facilty.

Individuals wanting to make themselves more marketable are also encouraged to attend. Contact us for further details & more information.

Updated: August 22, 2016


What people are saying!


(Below are a few responses from individuals after partaking in a C.A.L.M. course.)


  • Very valuable content for complicated situations.
  • Easy to process and good flow.
  • The program helped me deal with residents with behavior problems.
  • Great way of learning to protect yourself.
  • I feel better prepared.
  • This course was very informative and I feel more comfortable now in handling a crisis situation.
  • I had fun doing this course, and it had a lot of good information.
  • Very good program that everybody should take.
  • The program is a great training to know.
  • It's a very good learning experience.
  • The class was educational and fun at the same time.
  • Was fun with lots of learning.
  • Fun & informative.
  • Great way to start a new job.
  • Very good put together training program. Well done!
  • It is a very informative and well-run course.
  • This program was highly applicable to my job and was tough as well.
  • I feel more prepared for my new job position after having this training.
  • The program is good and educational to all new employees. It lets you know what to expect.
  • Very informative and helpful in prevention techniques.
  • I feel more comfortable after the training.
  • Gave the team confidence when some were not sure of themselves.
  • Can use it in everyday life, not just work.
  • Was fun and educational.
  • I feel comfortable with crisis situations now. I learned a lot!
  • Great program!
  • The program was very helpful.
  • I think it is a wonderful program.
  • Never did this job before and now I feel very comfortable.
  • I enjoyed it and it was very informative.
  • I can take what I learned with me wherever I go.
  • Great lessons to learn for at work & outside of work situations.


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